Statement of Ho Tse Wai & Partners dated 6 January 2021

Statement of Ho Tse Wai & Partners

We refer to the police investigation conducted at our firm’s office earlier today. The investigation is unrelated to the work of our firm. As investigations are still ongoing, we refrain from commenting on the matter. We assure that the confidentiality of client information at our office has not been compromised and operations of the firm are going on as usual.

Ho Tse Wai & Partners

Dated this 6 January 2021



今日較早時警方在本律師事務所展開的調查行動,與本律師事務所的業務亳無關係。 由於調查仍在進行中,現階段我們不宜評論。我們經已確保本律師事務所保存的客戶資料沒有被損毀或披露,以及業務如常運作。


2021 年 1 月 6 日