Mr. Albert Ho 何俊仁律師

Mr. Albert Ho 何俊仁律師

Albert Ho started his practice in a very reputable local firm in 1977 and specialized in Probate and Administration of Trust and general litigations. In 1995, when he founded the firm of Ho, Tse, Wai & Partners, he became extensively engaged in Civil Litigations in the areas of Medical Malpractice and Negligence, Judicial Reviews on Constitution Law and Administrative Actions. He also frequently represents victim families in various high-profile Coroner’s Inquest concerning family violence, homicide, industrial accidents and medical misadventures. Representing Defendants in Disciplinary Proceedings and Tribunal Appeals is also another area of Albert’s specialized practice. He also handles a vast number of land and building management disputes cases.

Moreover Albert has vast experience in legal practice of litigation and trust and he is also an experienced and skillful advocates in Courts and Tribunals.


• Bachelor of Laws Degree (1974)
• Postgraduate Certificate of Laws (1975)
• Solicitor, Hong Kong (1977)


English and Chinese

Practice Area(s):

• Probate and administration of trust
• Civil and Commercial Litigation
• Land and Building Management disputes
• Medical Malpractice and Personal Injuries Claims
• Disciplinary Proceedings
• Tribunal Appeals