Investigative journalist Choy Yuk Ling vindicated at the Court of Final Appeal

In 2020, award-winning investigative journalist Choy Yuk Ling (also known as Bao Choy) was arrested for knowingly making a false statement under the Road Traffic Ordinance. The prosecution alleged that Choy made a false statement when conducting a search of the Transport Department’s public registry of vehicle details. The search was for information concerning a vehicle that was apparently used in an incident of gang violence in Yuen Long on 21 July 2019.

Choy was convicted after trial in 2021, and her appeal to the High Court was dismissed.

On 3 June 2023, the Court of Final Appeal quashed all of Choy’s convictions in a judgment that affirmed the importance of the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Ho Tse Wai acted for Choy at all levels of court, instructing a stellar counsel team consisting of Derek Chan SC, Tien Kei Rui and Geoffrey Yeung.

Our Associates Ms.Angeline Chan, Ms. Ho Yan Pang and Mr. Vijay Lo handled the case.

Case no.: FACC 2/2023

Please find the Court of Final Appeal Judgement HERE.