Employment and Education Matters

We have extensive experience regarding labour law and employment matters in acting for both employers and employees, including tailor-made advice with respect to personnel policies, employment contracts, rights and benefits entitlement, disciplinary actions and procedures, termination/redundancy, restructuring dismissals, layoffs and restraint of trade, trade secrets, confidential information, occupational health and safety, injunctions and reliefs.

In light of the distinctive employment conditions, employment matters of teachers and educational institutions may be subject to the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) and higher standard of fairness. We provide legal consultation services for professional bodies of teachers, including primary school and secondary school teachers. We also act for schools on advising on internal and disciplinary policies in accordance with Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) and Guidelines issued by the Education Bureau.

What to do if you are dismissed by your employer?

Both the employer and the employee have to consider their position with regards to reasons of dismissal and the payment an employer is legally bound to make to the employee upon his dismissal. It is best to prepare a copy of the employment contract and any relevant disciplinary policies for legal advice. Internal policies and past practices of the employer may also affect the standard of fairness expected on the employee.

Please contact our Mr. Jonathan Man or Ms. Kristine Chan for advice.